Otis Rush: Double Trouble (testo canzone)

Artista: Otis Rush
Canzone: Double Trouble (1958)

Double Trouble

by Otis Rush

Lay awake at night,
Oh so low, just so troubled.
Can’t get a job,
Laid off and I’m having double trouble.

Hey hey, to make you’ve got to try.
Baby, that’s no lie.
Some of this generation is millionaires;
I can’t even keep decent clothes to wear.

Laugh at me walking,
And I have no place to go.
Bad luck and trouble has taken me;
I have no money to show.


Otis Rush

Otis Rush and Eric Clatpon

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers with Peter Green

Double Trouble è una canzone blues scritta e incisa da Otis Rush nel 1958. In seguito è stata interpretata da artisti come Eric Clapton, John Mayall.. La versione originale di Otis Rush è stata inserita nel 2008 nella Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. (Wikipedia)

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