Ray Charles: What’d I Say (testo canzone)

Artista: Ray Charles
Canzone: What’d I Say

What’d I Say

Instrumental to 1:20

‘Ooo mama, don’t ya treat me wrong, well-alright
Come an’ love your daddy all night long
Alright, darlin’, yeah
Alright, yeah
Whoa alright, baby alright

When ya see me in misery
Come over baby see about me
Dar-dar-darlin’, alright, yeah
Well, alright baby, alright

See the girl with the diamond ring
She knows how to shake that thing
Alright, darlin’, yeah
Alright, yeah
Well, alright, baby, alright now

‘Play it one more time for me, son’

(Instrumental & piano)

‘Oh, that’s what I’m talkin’ about’

See the girl with the red dress on?
She can Birdland all night long

Alright, baby
Alright, yeah
Well, alright, baby

I’m gonna
Tell your mama, tell your pa
Gonna send you back to Arkansas

Mama, you don’t do right, yeah
Oh, you don’t do right


What’d I say, now darlin’?
Tell me what’d I say (yeah)
Tell me what’d I say (little girl)
Tell me what’d I say (yeah)
Tell me what’d I say (little girl)
Tell me what’d I say

Whoa, I wanna know
Baby, I wanna know (little girl)
Ooh, I wanna know
(Whoa-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)
Mama, I wanna know (whoa, yeah)
Whoa, wanna know-know, little girl
I wanna know-know, yeah


Um (aah)
Ooh (ooh)
Um (aah), Oh (ooh)
Um (aah), Oh (ooh)

Oh, it’s alright
(Baby, it’s uptight)
Baby, it’s alright
(Baby, it’s all right)

Say, it’s alright
(Baby, it’s alright)
Mama, it’s alright
(Baby, it’s alright)

Say it’s alright
(Baby, it’s alright)
Baby it’s alright
(Baby, it’s okay!)

Thank you very much.


Ray Charles

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What’d I Say è una canzone di Ray Charles incisa nel 1959 come singolo diviso in due parti. E’ al #10 della classifica The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time della rivista Rolling Stone. (Wikipedia)

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