Articoli marcati con tag ‘Johnny Winter’

Junior Wells and Buddy Guy: Messin’ With The Kid (testo canzone blues)

giovedì, 29 novembre 2012

Artista: Junior Wells and Buddy Guy Canzone: Messin’ With The Kid Messin’ With The Kid by Mel Landon

Rolling Stones: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (testo canzone)

domenica, 19 febbraio 2012

Artista: Rolling Stones Canzone: Jumpin’ Jack Flash Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Eric Clapton: Third Degree (testo canzone)

lunedì, 13 febbraio 2012

Artista: Eric Clapton Album: From The Cradle (1994) Canzone: Third Degree Third Degree

Sonny Boy Williamson I: Good Morning, School Girl (testo canzone)

giovedì, 2 febbraio 2012

Artista: Sonny Boy Williamson I Canzone: Good Morning, School Girl Good Morning, School Girl

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode (testo canzone)

martedì, 21 giugno 2011

Artista: Chuck Berry Canzone: Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) Johnny B. Goode Way down Louisiana close to New Orleans Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood Where lived a country boy name of Johnny B. Goode He never ever learned to read or […]