Mississippi Fred McDowell: You Gotta Move (blues song)

Artista: Mississippi Fred McDowell
Canzone: You Gotta Move (Gary Davis / Fred Mcdowell ?) (1965)

Artista: The Rolling Stones
Album: Sticky Fingers (1971)

“You Gotta Move” is a traditional African-American spiritual song. The lyrics carry the Christian message that regardless of one’s situation in life, it is God who determines one’s ultimate fate. Beginning around the 1940s, the song has been recorded by a variety of gospel musicians, usually as “You Got to Move” or “You’ve Got to Move”.
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Magic Sam: All Your Love

Artista: Magic Sam
Canzone: All Your Love (Samuel Maghett)
Album: West Side Soul (1967)

Samuel Gene Maghett (February 14, 1937 – December 1, 1969),[1] known as Magic Sam, was an American Chicago blues musician. He was born in Grenada County, Mississippi, and learned to play the blues from listening to records by Muddy Waters and Little Walter. After moving to Chicago at the age of 19, he was signed by Cobra Records and became well known as a bluesman after the release of his first record, “All Your Love”, in 1957. He was known for his distinctive tremolo guitar playing. (wikipedia)
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Giorgia e Marco Mengoni: Come Neve (testo canzone)

Artista: Giorgia, Marco Mengoni
Canzone: Come Neve
Album: Oronero Live (album dal vivo di Giorgia)

Come neve è un singolo della cantautrice italiana Giorgia e del cantautore italiano Marco Mengoni, il primo estratto dall’album dal vivo di Giorgia Oronero Live e pubblicato il 1º dicembre 2017.
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Howlin’ Wolf – Evil (Lyrics, Blues Song)

Artista: Howlin’ Wolf
Canzone: Evil (Willie Dixon 1954)

“Evil”, sometimes listed as “Evil (Is Going On)”, is a Chicago blues standard written by Willie Dixon.[2] Howlin’ Wolf recorded the song for Chess Records in 1954.[3] It was included on the 1959 compilation album Moanin’ in the Moonlight. When he re-recorded it for The Howlin’ Wolf Album in 1969, “Evil” became Wolf’s last charting single (#43 Billboard R&B chart).[4]
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Skip James: Devil Got My Woman Lyrics Blues

Artista: Skip James
Canzone: Devil Got My Woman (Skip James – 1968)

Devil Got My Woman is the fourth studio album by American blues singer Skip James, released in 1968. It was his last record before his death in 1969.

Allmusic critic Scott Yanow wrote in his review: “One can easily hear the influence that Skip James’ music had on the then flourishing folk music movement, and he still sang his country blues with great intensity.”[1] The title track is featured in the 2001 film Ghost World.[2] (Wikipedia)
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Howlin’ Wolf: Back Door Man Lyrics

Artista: Howlin’ Wolf
Canzone: Back Door Man (Willie Dixon – 1961)

“Back Door Man” is a blues song written by Willie Dixon and recorded by Howlin’ Wolf in 1960. It was released in 1961 by Chess Records as the B-side to Wolf’s “Wang Dang Doodle” (catalog no. 1777). The song is considered a classic of Chicago blues. (Wikipedia)
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Gianni Morandi: Se perdo anche te (Solitary Man)

Artista: Gianni Morandi
Canzone: Se perdo anche te (Neil Diamond, Franco Migliacci)

Solitary Man è una canzone scritta da Neil Diamond pubblicata come singolo il 4 aprile 1966 ed inclusa nel primo album del cantautore The Feel of Neil Diamond.

Nel 1966 Gianni Morandi pubblicò una versione tradotta in italiano ed avente il titolo di Se perdo anche te con il testo di Franco Migliacci e le musiche arrangiate da Ennio Morricone come lato B di C’era un ragazzo che come me amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones.
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Neil Diamond: Solitary Man lyrics

Artista: Neil Diamond
Canzone: Solitary Man (Neil Diamond) 1966

“Solitary Man” is a 1966 hit song written, composed, and originally recorded and released by Neil Diamond. It has since been covered many times by such artists as Billy Joe Royal, B.J. Thomas, Jay and the Americans, T. G. Sheppard, Gianni Morandi, The Sidewinders, Chris Isaak, Johnny Cash, Johnny Rivers, HIM, Crooked Fingers, Cliff Richard, Ólöf Arnalds and Theuns Jordaan, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi.
Neil Diamond: Solitary Man – Wikipedia
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