Alvin Lee: Pure Blues (album)

Alvin Lee - Pure Blues - cover album
Alvin Lee – Pure Blues – cover album
Artista: Alvin Lee
Album: Pure Blues (1995)


  1. Don’t Want You Woman (Alvin Lee)
  2. The Bluest Blues (Alvin Lee)
  3. I Woke Up This Morning (Sam Hopkins / Alvin Lee)
  4. Real Life Blues (Alvin Lee)
  5. The Stomp (Alvin Lee)
  6. Slow Blues In ‘C’ (Alvin Lee)
  7. Wake Up Moma (Alvin Lee)
  8. Talk Don’t Bother Me (Alvin Lee)
  9. Every Blues You’ve Ever Heard (Alvin Lee)
  10. I Get All Shook Up (Alvin Lee)
  11. Lost In Love (Steve Gould / Alvin Lee)
  12. Help Me (Mort Dixon / Willie Dixon)
  13. Outside My Window (Steve Gould / Alvin Lee)

Personnel: Alvin Lee (vocals, guitar, piano); Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddy McHugh (vocals); Steve Gould (guitar, keyboards); Neil Hubbard (guitar); George Harrison (slide guitar); Mel Collins (saxophone); Clarence Clemons (tenor saxophone); Chick Churchill, Steve Grant, Tim Hinkley (keyboards); Alan Young, Ric Lee, Ian Wallace (drums).

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